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Welcome to
Katie Luther Ministries!

Katie has become an incredible blessing in my life, and I love having opportunities to share her life and her powerful faith in God.  Over the past few years, Katie and I have visited 100's of churches and other organizations (from coast-to-coast!) telling about God's gift of Grace and the incredible impact Martin Luther and his teachings had upon the world!

Following a long-awaited trip to Germany, our presentation was professionally filmed and is  available on Video and DVD.

              To place an order, just click on my e-mail link:
Video - $20 (plus $5 shipping and handling)
                            DVD - $25 (plus $5 shipping and handling)

I hope you will enjoy visiting my website and learning more about this incredible woman of God.  Click on Future Dates and see where we'll be in the near future. There will be phone numbers, email addresses, and websites which can be used to make a reservation or obtain more information.

If, after reading a little more about Martin, Katie, and me, you'd like to invite her to be your guest, please send me an e-mail, and I'll get back to you with all the details.  (Note...Katie's presentation is appropriate for 5th or 6th grade and older.)  And, you don't have to be Lutheran to appreciate the ministry of Martin and Katie Luther or to celebrate God's gift of is a gift to be celebrated every day by every one!!

Katharina  Keepsake!

Katie Luther Ministries is proud to announce a new addition which will serve to remind you of an incredible woman of God.  Katie Luther, the widow of the great Reformer Martin Luther, died at the age of 54.  With her family gathered around her, she breathed her last:

"I will cling to Christ as a burr clings to a coat!"

Katie's burr has become a reality.  This sterling silver burr with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp allows you to put it on the zipper of your Bible case or your jacket.  Or you can remove the clasp and wear it on a charm bracelet or on a chain or cording.
This token of remembrance is $10.00.
                         (Plus $2 shipping and handling.)

               AND THERE'S EVEN MORE...

Five script packets which can be used to enrich your Women's Ministry or Drama Ministry Programs are also available.  We invite you to click on Scripts for Sale and read all about them.

If you are already planning for Christmas, you might enjoy taking advantage of these outstanding programs:   "Christmas Chronicles," a potpourri of stories, poems, anecdotes, and lyrics from The Gospel of Luke to the poems of Ogden Nash performed by John-Frederick Jones (and perhaps me, too!); or "Full of the Dickens," "A Christmas Carol" reading adapted for two by Patricia Lynch .  This Dickens Carol is performed by John-Frederick Jones as Scrooge and Raymond Lynch as everyone else!  For booking information, you may contact us by clicking on my email link:  We'll get back to you with all the "particulars" right away!

Wishing you God's and always...Laurel

                         God's Word Says...
"...for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
 and are justified freely by His grace
through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus." 
   --Romans 3:23-24 


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